About Us

The Liberia Institute of Policy Studies and Research (LIPSR) is an academic (research) center- think tank based at the University of Liberia. The Institute is the University’s primary center for research dedicated to improving the quality of public policy and governance not only in Liberia but throughout the region. The Institute engages in creating, applying and integrating knowledge from across the university and beyond to advance understanding of the developmental challenges and solutions especially in post-conflict societies. Our research efforts also inculcate local empirical evidence unique to the Liberian experience. This is accomplished by providing independent policy analysis and advice.The idea of establishing an Institute of research dates as far back in the 70s as one of the professional departments at the University of Liberia. In December 1980, Dr. Amos Sawyer, then associate professor of political science and Dean of Liberia College, was appointed as the first acting Director for the institute.

Institute’s Leadership: The Institute is managed by an Executive Director, three assistant directors, senior researchers and draws upon faculty, staff and researchers from various parts of the University of Liberia, partner institutions and expertise from local and international partners.